We are Phytolon

Since founded in 2018 by biotechnology entrepreneurs, Phytolon combines highly qualified R&D technologists with highly experienced board and partners, all aiming at utilizing scientific advancement to promote human health and environmental sustainability, by bringing biotechnology-based products to the market. Our top-quality team is also structured to exploit the full potential of the local and global societies by maintaining gender-based equality and minority representation.

Halim Jubran, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO

Halim holds a PhD in Biotechnology, combining several years of experience in project management in the global biotech industry, with broad scientific and technological knowledge in life sciences.

Tal Zeltzer, PhD
Co-founder & CTO

Tal holds a PhD in Biotechnology and Food-Engineering. Tal is a specialist in fermentation and downstream processes, along with strong background in molecular biology and biochemistry.

Investors & Partners

Steve Dubin

Steve is an attorney and CPA with 35 years’ of impressive achievements upon managing and advising venture-backed, high-grown companies. Steve is the former CEO of Martek Biosciences, and former chairman of Enzymotec.

Mori Arkin

The founder of Arkin Holdings, and a leading biotechnology and life sciences entrepreneur.

Yossi Ackerman
Advisory Board

Yossi served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Elbit Systems Ltd., the holding company of Elbit Security Systems Ltd. and Harpia Sistemas S.A. He is a part of the advisory board at Phytolon.