The Technology

Phytolon leverages a patented technology by which baker’s yeast efficiently produce and release large quantities of natural and healthy betalain pigments in short fermentation cycles


Fermentation harnesses safe microbes to manufacture food ingredients in a consistent, sustainable and cost-efficient manner. With increasing regulatory acceptance and the highly sustainable approach of reducing carbon footprint by replacing agriculture with cleaner technologies, fermentation is designated to become the ingredient engine of the future.

Betalain Pigments

Betalains are natural pigments responsible for coloring the most beautiful plants on earth. Betalains are water-soluble pigments that retain color stability at wide pH range, and upon exposure to heat and light. Betalains provide multiple benefits for human health, and are considered among the strongest antioxidant phytochemicals known, exceeding the most well-known antioxidant dietary nutrients.


Our basic technology is based on deep scientific research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, conducted by the international research group of Prof. Asaph Aharoni, a pioneer and leader in plant metabolomics and plant genomics. Our licensed technology is protected by a registered patent in USA and Europe, that covers heterologous production of betalain pigments for commercial purposes.