We offer the ultimate solution
for natural coloring in food

We take natural colors
to the next level

Optimal Reds & Pinks

The optimal clean label replacement
for artificial reds and pinks
Long history of worldwide
consumption and safe use
Accurate red to pink shades, empowering brands’ visual signature
Optimal solution for multiple plant based meat products, at all product stages
Best natural vegan & kosher solution for red velvet cakes and pastries
Best cost and lowest carbon footprint among natural reds​
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New Bright Purples
 First in-class natural magenta purple,
with unseen brightness of a natural pigment​
Long history of worldwide consumption and safe use
Brand enhancement to obtain exotic and refreshing purple shades across the pH scale
Best cost and carbon footprint among natural purples
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New Yellow & Orange
 First in-class bright and water-soluble
prickly pear yellow​
Clean label and water-soluble alternative to artificial yellows
Strong expression across yellow-orange-brown shades with a single color
Best natural solution in challenging applications
Best cost and carbon footprint among natural yellow/orange pigments
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High Shade-Accuracy
Obtaining Accurate Visual Brand Signature
with Minimal Color Ingredients
Full Control on shades and intensity to match brand identity and visual signature
Shortening the ingredients list to obtain the desired shades
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Exceptional pH-Stability
Game-changing natural solutions
across the pH scale in food
Inherent stability of betalains across the pH ladder
Stability of the entire color portfolio across the pH scale in food
Addressing the pH stable purple challenge
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Robust Supply Chain
Year-Round Supply of Natural Colors
at Uniform Properties and Quality
Fermentation removes supply chain barriers
Maintaining visual brand identity with consistent color batches
Worldclass partners for manufacturing and distribution
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Game-Changing Costs
Uniquely Positioned to Capture
Economic Value with Clean Label Colors
Winning the dual challenge of cost-efficiency and clean label ingredients
Exceptional production efficiency, powered by fermentation at scale
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Best for the Environment
Transforming the
Environmental Impact of Natural Colors
Healthy colors, without compromising on the environmental value
Direct savings in land, water, and GHG with agriculture-independent technologies
Based on a comparative hotspot Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Phytolon's products vs. agriculture-based benchmark natural colors.
Straightforward contribution to global food security by not using edible fruits and vegetables for color production
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Exceptional performance
in food

Transforming Solution in Snacks
Transforming Snacking Experience with
Clean Label Colors, without Supply Burdens
Full control of shades and intensity with minimal ingredients
Quick and homogenous color mixing in broad range of sauces and dips
Healthier snacking habits at best ingredients’ costs and supply
Promoting 'Eco-Friendly' stamp on snacks brands
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Economic Value in Dairy
Redefining Cost Efficiency for
Yogurt Masterpieces and Dairy Novelties
Best capture of economic value in a huge market
Resolving the pH challenge with clean label colors
Fresh and uniform shades for visual brand identity
Multiple shades supplied from a single source
Promoting 'Eco-Friendly' stamp on dairy brands
Natural yellow solution in dairy products
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Appeal Enhancer in Confections
Canvass of Endless Shade Possibilities
at Desired Brilliance for the Art of Confections
Desired visual appeal with clean label colors
Full compliance with pH and heat challenges of confections production
Multiple shades achieved by minimal color ingredients
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Optimal for Plant-Based Meat
The Ultimate and Most Sustainable Solution
for Plant-Based Meat Across Product Stages
Full Control of shades and intensity supplied from a single color source
Perfectly reflecting the natural transition from frozen to post-cooking stages
Uniform integration with multiple sources of plant-based proteins and fats in a single matrix
Boosting the environmental agenda behind alternative meat
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High Performance in Ice Cream
High performing fruity shades
in ice cream and frozen novelties
Fruity colors with high shade accuracy
Retaining color charm in elevated and declining pH of dairy ice-cream and ice-lollies
Exceeding shelf-life standards
Color stability under heat-cold shocks
Unaffected brand flavors even at high color intensity
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New Standards in Bakery
The best natural solution to the
multi-layer challenge in Bakery
High color intensity without compromising on taste and texture
Retaining desired shade quality upon exposure to heat in high pH
Multiple shade possibilities for biscuits, macaroons, cakes, icing, and related brands
Best vegan and kosher solution in Red Velvet Cake
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